2 Chords: 1 Song

Challenge 1 of the 4X4 SAC Songwriting & Blogging Challenge 2016

Great to see so many songwriters back, and awesome to meet so many new ones.  I really, really enjoyed the last challenge, SAC 2015. From that Challenge, I recorded my week 6 song, the Holiday Song (“I Still Say Merry Christmas”) and released it to Canadian Radio… got some airplay too! I am looking forward to this 4×4, indeed. I live on the prairies, and it is cold so much of the year. I cannot imagine being inside writing songs in these precious summer months, so I am out on my sunny back deck. This does mean however, that I am not writing with my trusty piano, but my guitar, which I have only taken up a few months ago. I love strumming in the sunshine. A different instrument can move one’s song writing in different directions. Good luck to all!

Two Chords: One Song

  • I chose E and Amin. Initially I thought that I might hint at two tonal centres: E (with Amin as the minor IV) and, of course, Amin with E as the dominant. However, my song did not “go there,” it is firmly in Amin
  • I started the verses on the dominant, and am kind of surprised at how long it is possible to hold the dominant chord before resolution to the tonic; like an expected, but really extended pause. The long wait can make the resolution more satisfying.
  • As per Murray Daigle’s suggestion, I began with the CHORUS, and found that I can add interest with a vocal percussive effect in the first and third lines of the CHORUS.
  • I see this song as depending more on lyrical speed more than accuracy, though there is a coherent message, my love aint easy, but it is possible to win me over, don’t take me for granted…kind of idea.

Enjoy the sun!
“My Love Aint So Easy” by Scott Anthony Andrews
Here are the lyrics….

My Love Ain’t So Easy
Words & Music: Scott Anthony Andrews ©2016

VERSE 1 My love can’t be bought; my love can’t be sold
My love’s not a cracker jack, a know-it-all quack, tit-for-tat
Or a cure for growing old

CHORUS But you can get it, you can get it, you can get it, you can get it all over town
You can bet on it, depend on it, go right around the bend with it, live it love it shake it down
You can get it, you can get it, you can get it, you can get it all over town
Though my love ain’t so easy; no my love ain’t so easy

VERSE 2 My love’s not a joke, something to amuse
My love’s not a comedy, or a tragedy, or doh-re-mi
And my love’s not a ruse CHORUS

VERSE 3 My love ain’t so quick, it’s steady as she goes
It’s not a race, an impossible pace, a hopeless chase
Or a gushing river flow CHORUS

BRIDGE: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa


BRIDGE (Repeat & Fade)