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Praise for CD “Young Man on Scarth Street Playin’ Saxophone”

“Been listening to the album – It’s great. Stand out tracks for me ‘Grand Anniversary’ and ‘On, On it Goes’ LOVE them. Very cohesive album. It flows. Just wanted to add that sir!”
Matt Ian Kelly
UK Actor, Playwright & Podcaster

Layton Burton on the song & video “I’ve Left a Smile for You” from the CD Young Man on Scarth Street Playin’ Saxophone
“Hi Scott!  Wow, really, it was touching and beautiful!  Thank you ever so much.”
Layton Burton
Videographer and Director of Photography for “Separate Beds”
which inspired the song “I’ve Left a Smile for You”

Nicholas Swatz…on the song & video “I’ve Left a Smile for You” from the CD Young Man on Scarth Street Playin’ Saxophone
“To say that I am touched would be the understatement of the century. I watched the video and instantly burst into tears…I am so excited for you to share this!”
Nicholas Swatz
Photography Contributor
Award-winning Filmmaker from Chicago
Cinematographer & Creative Director, Baby Pomegranate Productions

Praise for CD “I Don’t Do Lazy Like That”

“These songs are well-produced.”
Justin Gray (
Los Angeles based Songwriter, Record Producer, Music Executive and Tech Entrepreneur. Justin has collaborated with a diverse range of artists including Mariah Carey, John Legend,  Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, James Bay, and Reignwolf
Los Angeles, California

“The cd has a nice local feel, but also has a swingin’, up-tempo, raucous, flavour that I feel is your best recorded effort so far!”
Peter Champagne
Artistic Director and President of  The Regina Jazz Society
Regina, SK

“Scott Anthony’s music lies between #SmoothJazz and #AdultAlternative. His songs offer a generous chord palette, smooth, laid-back rhythms, melodic shifts and improvisation… He writes, sings and plays with an emphasis on narrative story, lyrics and reflective themes.”
Debora Windover, Host of “Soul of Jazz” on
CKOL 93.7 in Campellford and 100.7 in Madock

“Wisdom is Waitin’ is a fun yet dark sound, definitely a mysterious, old time spiritual feeling mixed with elements of surf rock, with a touch of Johnny Cash and Hozier. Nice use of space, build and emotional depth.”
Sarah Brindell
Associate Professor of Songwriting
Berklee College of Music
Boston, MA
“Singer-songwriter Scott Anthony Andrews’ latest adult contemporary, jazz release “I Don’t Do Lazy Like That” shows his progression as a recording artist. The songs are increasingly musically adventurous. Ross Nikiforuk’s jazzy arrangements give them a full, often Big Band sound. And with the fabulous Belle Plaine coming in on an adorable true-love story duet called “Our Story Began in These Seats” the whole album has the feel of an artist maturing in his craft and risk-taking.”
Kelley Jo Burke
Writer, Broadcaster and Teacher
Regina,  SK

“And I Wanted To” is rapidly becoming a favorite track from “I Don’t Do Lazy Like That.” So Harry Nillson that would be the amazing Harry Nillson. Bravo!
Bev Zizzy
Acoustic Singer/Songwriter
Regina SK

“It is an honour to get to listen to an advance copy of Scott Anthony’s CD, “I Don’t Do Lazy Like That.” It is such a wonderful album! I thoroughly enjoyed listening – I could sink into his harmonies for hours on end. The music features warm, luxurious arrangements that draw you in, borrowing from a variety of genres to create a truly special, one of a kind sound.”
Ophira Calof
Musician, Accessibility Advocate and Educator
Toronto, Ontario

“I loved how Scott Anthony put together a mix of joyful pop music and gorgeous smooth jazz tracks. In each of them, the melodic notes pulled at my insides and I felt myself extended as I listened- physically lifted beyond the moment. It would be impossible to not feel oneself moved by these amazing songs and lyrics into heartfelt past memories as well as into joyful hopefulness.”
Valerie Triggs, PhD
Faculty of Education, Arts Education
University of Regina, Regina, SK

“Andrews shines when performing upbeat contemporary pop tunes that feature a jazz flair.. a tight rhythm section and swelling horns allow for Andrews vocals to soar …his third shot at a record is one that fans of smooth jazz should enjoy flipping through” (See full review here
Gerrod Harris,
Canadian Beats Media
March 1, 2019

“Listening to a few tasty tracks from Scott Anthony Andrews’ new CD, the first thing that comes to mind is Scott’s versatility as a performer and songwriter. Scott shows no hesitation to fearlessly and completely explore a variety of song styles in his writing, performance and production, and it sounds like he has great fun doing it! His music compositions and instrumental choices set fantastic moods which so effectively forward the lyric content of each individual song. His expressive singing style and his lyrics show his almost capricious use of the English language, toying with his listeners with clever metaphoric and sensory references to which we all can relate. Some of my favorites include:”

“…Sittin’ on a mountain
Waitin’ for my wisdom,
But uh, it don’t come
In Lotus position
My mind in submission
But uh wisdom, it don’t come…”
(“Wisdom is Waitin’ on Me”)

“…With your suited entourage dressed in stoic pleats…”
(“Isn’t That the Reason?”)

And in the title track:
“..Lazy is love’s sweetest alibi…”
(“I Don’t Do Lazy Like That”)
Each song is so individual, and each song will have its following depending on the music palette of the listener, and the mood. I look forward to hearing more!

Rändi Fay
Innovative Adult Contemporary Artist,
Emerald Heart Productions ~ Emerald Heart Music & Lyrics
Wisconsin, USA

Scott Anthony Andrews’ new album “I Don’t Do Lazy Like That” starts with a strong opener “Isn’t That the Reason?” that features nostalgic yet modern sounds with a string hook that reminds me of 70s dance. It then goes into “Wisdom Is Waitin’ on Me” that takes a more blues direction with a sweet electric piano that transports you to a gritty scenario. The title track “I Don’t Do Lazy Like That” is more jazzy, and is the perfect song to dance to with your partner with some more rocking electric guitar elements. “And I Wanted To” opens with a classic saxophone riff supported by the naked nature of the song, using only piano and sax to underline the intimacy of the lyrics.

“Blanket of Horses” has an adventurous feeling to it with the drum that makes me think of running horses, my favourite track of the album. “Muskoka” made me look up the term, and I love doing that when a song let’s me learn more about what the artist holds dear, this is a love letter to Muskoka in Ontario and sure feels the way, celebrating and simple and effective. “Running Away with the Stars” bring up back to swinging on the dance floor, it really moves and I can see it being played by a big band. The album closes with the romantic “Light a Candle for a Dance” a moving 3/4 song that makes you stop and listen. Good Job!!

Giulio Moretto
Music Producer & Songwriter


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