Singling in the New Year…

Well, I am in the process of releasing a single. As with everything I the music industry, I am learning much from the process. It is really interesting and quite instructive to get other perspectives on one’s work. I wrote music and lyrics for the songs on my latest CD, Courage Walks with Us, so I know them well. Like most singer-songwriters, I have some favourites. I assumed that MY top pick would be the one to release. Such is not the case. FM radio play and Internet radio play are their own domains, their own worlds. Wisely, I listen to those who know these worlds far better than I.
So, the first single from #CourageWalksWithUs will be #AsIfICould, my song about Canadian Winter. “As if I Could” is an upbeat, smooth jazz, smooth-AC lament(?). Coming soon to a radio/streaming station near you!
Keep smilin’
Scott Anthony