International Songwriting “Collab”

Currently, I am part of an international, online songwriting “collab”. I am getting into the lingo of all the cool singer-songwriters—not that I make any claim to being so, just that I am confronted with songwriting vernacular more and more. By doing so, one cannot help but absorb and attempt to mimic singer-songwriter “talk”—a salient feature of which is abbreviations (incidentally, is not ‘abbreviation’ rather a long word, given its purpose?). Apparently, we songwriters are beyond super busy, we are so super-super-busy that we do not have time to pronounce entire words. Take “collab” for instance, short for “collaboration”. Most fortunately, I learned “collab” just in time, as I am currently part of an awesome songwriting collaboration.

We are four songwriters from all around the world—from Italy, England and two from Canada. The process really has been amazing to me. My colleagues on this journey are Angela Skinner Music, Giulio Moretto and Andrea Peloso. When the collective is engaged in the collaboration—when we think about purpose/point/theme of the song, when we bounce around ideas/riffs/motifs, when we wonder about tonal colours and contrasts; the distance completely fades. That I may be part of such a wonderful group of songwriters is quite heartening, as each of us brings our strengths to the collective.

While I am not sure what our song will eventually sound like, this is one of those times in life when I need—truly—to enjoy the process, our journey. Meeting wonderful songwriters is more than inspiring enough. …..what a lovely thought on this, the first day of Spring!