Game of Clue

Quack Song 2
The second song I’m working on for Sing Duck Sing, I am tentatively calling Game of Clue. Some parents who have children with Autism Spectrum Disorder report that—in retrospect—there were signs along the way. I guess this may be the case for many things—hindsight may be remarkably and uncomfortably accurate. There is a rather famous poem entitled, Welcome to Holland, in which the protagonist (a parent) must learn to accept a trip to Holland rather than Italy (see

It is a letting go of expectations that one may have had, and embracing the realities of what is—of having a child with ASD. Further, it is a call for a celebration of what is—not just acceptance.  In this song, the idea is to try to capture some of the typical second thoughts, or brief entertainments of possible ASD diagnosis that Burke may have had about her child. I considered especially the scene on p. 56 of the pay, Ducks on the Moon (2010).

Here is the Soundcloud link:
…and here are the lyrics, so far

Words & Music: Scott Anthony Andrews (with nods to Kelley Jo Burke see p. 56 of Ducks on the Moon)

Asleep in my arms
He looked like any other child
With his eyes closed
He looked like anyone’s son
But when he opened his eyes
He wasn’t looking for my face
A man overboard
Clawing through stormy seas
Looking for something, anything to hold to
Not necessarily me

Was that a clue?
On Sunday morning?
Was that a clue?
Deep in the heart.
Was that a clue?
On Sunday morning?
Was that a clue?
Deep in the heart.