“Well Be Free”

Well dear friends…what a time we are in. Social distancing. Physical distancing. …And all the while trying to stay emotionally close. One of the projects in which I have been involved to stay present is the song “We’ll Be Free” by Lyn Besse McGinnins and Terry Hoknes. This made-in-Saskatchewan song included artists from across the province. “We’ll Be Free” is a community response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Lyn wrote the lyrics; Terry composed the music.  Lyn coordinated all us singers to record & submit via our phones. The song has been featured in the Prince Albert Daily Herald, CTV Saskatoon… just to start! I have been humming the song for days now….

“When the voices sing again, we’ll be free. When the hand I long to touch, touches me; we’ll be free. When we pass through this valley, rise up and greet the dawn, we’ll gather close together
and move on…”

Well said Lyn & Terry.
So honoured to be included…here is the link, friends
We’ll Be Free