Santa Plays His Saxophone

I am proud of my last album, “Young Man on Scarth St playing Saxophone,” and was pleased that Carter Powley agreed to play on it, as a remarkable sax player. But here’s the thing, there is at least one other awesome sax player that visits these parts—it’s true! And I figured out who. You see,  I guessed that Santa must get at least slightly tired from travelling all over the word on his sleigh. Have you ever wondered what Santa does on his breaks? Does he really consume all those cookies and drink all that milk? Well…maybe during Santa’s breaks he plays his sax—maybe Santa is bending notes as smooth as silk before he alights on his sleigh….well, find out on  my latest holiday song…

 “Santa Plays His Saxophone”

I had so much fun recording this song at FMP Matric Studios in Dartmouth.  Thx to Scott Ferguson for playing percussion and for producing the song & video. Thx to John Chiasson for playing bass, and thanks to Mr. Ian Sherwood…(or is that Santa?) playing sax!