SAC Challenge Post Week 4 (A Country Song)

It Wasn’t My Truck…Blog Posting
My plan this week was to get some exposure to some constructing a home studio. I signed up for a class at my local music store. Unfortunately, the class was cancelled, due to a personal emergency of the instructor.

Writing an Edgy Country Song. This week’s challenge was again out of my comfort zone, and again I learned much. In country music, it seems to me, that the words (lyrics) are quite important. Often, well in my song at least, the words tell a story, so the listener needs to hear them. I found this week there is a definite discipline to write lyrics that roll easily off the tongue, or the singer’s voice, yet speak to greater perspectives. In fact, the prosody for my song is not quite accurate. The way I have the melody falling in the lyric “it wasn’t my TRUCK”, the emphasis seems to be on “truck,” implying that the girlfriend likes the guy (and not his truck). Whereas, the song is about a guy being a little sad because the girl is not into “his” truck, but someone else’s (implying that she is interested in someone else.) It might be interesting to think of the song in this other way at some point.

It Wasn’t My Truck
Words & Music: Scott Anthony Andrews

Saturday clangs round once again
I find myself alone and then
I never thought I would hate this day
I never thought I would

Driving in circles, round and round
Looking for the love I thought I’d found
I never thought I could feel this way
I never thought I could

‘Cuz it wasn’t my truck she was into
It’s just my luck, my lovin’ she outgrew
On this Saturday afternoon
Singing our forgotten tune

I come to T, a dead intersection
My truck can choose her own direction
I never thought I would stop here now
I never thought I would

Pulled over to the shoulder, to call her on my cell
But a truck passed with the girl I thought I knew well