The Chronoscope Trips: A January 2016 Single!

We have ushered in the New Year 2016. Or have we? My track “The Chronoscope Trips” gives us pause (a chronoscope is a highly accurate time piece). He was inspired by the theoretical physicist, Dr. Brian Greene, and his book “The Hidden Reality” (2011), where Brian muses about the actual possibilities of time travel and parallel universes.  So… to convey the idea of a chronoscope tripping, or time skipping, I present some of the many watches I have worn. Please note that no actual watches were harmed for this photograph…
This past holiday season I released “I Still Say Merry Christmas,” (Nov. 2015) an independent single across Canada. Listener response was great! With Music Nova Scotia, it was featured as a download of the week for 929 Jack FM and played on radio stations across Canada. From my second CD, “Courage Walks with Us”, last April I released “As If I Could (Say No to You Old Man Winter)” a song that captures the “it’s complicated…” love/hate relationship Canadians have with Winter. “The Chronoscope Trips” is also from “Courage Walks with Us” produced by  Ross Nykiforuk (Sheep Dogs, Deep Dark Woods) at Cosmic Pad studios.

The “Courage” CD features jazz/pop/country guitarist Rich McFarlane with Gent Laird (bass) and Glenn Ens (percussion).  Scott Anthony is on piano, as well as the lead and backup vocals; I wrote all songs. The over-all feel is relaxing and features the guitar, perfect for long winter nights with a little hot chocolate (a serving suggestion for this universe only).