Songwriting 4 Nature

Local singer-songwriters extraordinaire, Glenn Sutter, Kara Golemba and Ryan Hicks coordinated an excellent Songwriting 4 Nature experience at Last Mountain Regional Park (LMRP) in Saskatchewan a few weeks back. It was wonderful to be surrounded by nature, to be surrounded by music, to be surrounded by so many talented songwriters. By far, my biggest take-away was the lesson I learned of silence and observance. There were several songwriting exercises in which we had to write non-stop, then share our words without revision. Listening to other artists lyrics and words without preparing any response cemented my attention the present. No comment, no encouragement, no judgement. And did I learn!
We are having a wind-up show of some of the songs we wrote there (and other songs, too) at

Royal Saskatchewan Museum
Friday June 15 at 7pm
Free Admission
C’mon down!