Running Away with the Stars!

I wrote a new song,  “Running Away with the Stars” and got to perform it with jazz trumpeter, Vlad Osatiuk, from the brass quintet Flow Brass. “Running Away with the Stars” was written in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. What an amazing time that both the Halifax and Saskatchewan Jazz festivals are celebrating 30 years! In this song, I wanted to capture the beauty that is the prairies, and particularly attending the festival under the Delta Bessborough night skies, through the lyric… “running away with the stars, isn’t it grant?”. Indeed jazz is.  See

The second song is “Jazz on the Harbour”. “Jazz on the Harbour” was written in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Halifax Jazz Festival, a wonderful summer festival that takes place on the Halifax and Dartmouth waterfronts. The Halifax waterfront is, of course, a very popular tourist destination with many flocking to see the busker festival, the tall ships, etc. Interestingly, Theodore Tugboat squarely located on the waterfront has been used as a venue. In this song, “Jazz on the Harbour” I imagine that Theodore grew up on Halifax harbour listening to jazz. There are local references to the cable wharf, Salter Street, the Granelli Quartet. As a result of listening to cool “Jazz on the Harbour” for 30 years….Theodore becomes a jazz fan. Indeed.