It is Festival-Applying Time…

Music outdoors… music in the sunshine …music in the rain….
I have applied to several festivals, nothing like playing music in the midst of Mother Nature in Spring/Summer. Currently, there are so many interesting Music Festivals around Canada. Despite recent challenges with our dollar, and there have indeed been some; it is great to see some festivals operate so successfully over a period of time. For example, it is the 30th Anniversary of the Sasktel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival; this is one of my favorites. Last year, I attended the Festival, stayed in a hotel with my piano, took in jazz, and wrote music when not listening to it. I am re-working one of those songs and I hope that you may hear it very soon! The bed tracks are complete.

Thanks to all Festival Organizers, Artistic Directors and volunteers…. you make it possible for artists to showcase our music, and before you know it, the festivals will be here!