Green: The Colour of Renewal

April is the time of promise; the time to experience some newness, some green-ness. As I embrace Spring, I think about my time in CBC Searchlight, an online contest which is ”The Hunt for Canada’s Best New Artist”. I really enjoyed meeting some new people, and listening to all the talent that abounds in Saskatchewan and across Canada. I entered my song “The Chronoscope Trips,” a song about the possibilities of time travel and hidden universes. I wrote this after reading Brian Greene’s “The Hidden Reality” (2011).

Since I participated in the Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC) 6-week Blogging and Songwriting Challenge in February and March 2015, I was able to re- connect with some great folks through CBC’s Searchlight. We really formed a supportive community. I wish us all well, as we move on to greener pastures…. the colour of renewal.