Final 4×4: Knitting Together 2 Songs

Week 4: Songwriters Association of Canada
Summer 4×4 Challenge: Final Challenge

  • I really enjoyed the SAC 4×4 Challenge, and am soon off on vacation; I will not have access to piano or guitar. So, I really tried to pull something together for this final challenge, If not nothing else, I can say I did all 4.
  • Like all the exercises, I can see value in this one; I may use this technique again in future. I do like the suggestion made that we consider over-laying sections of one song onto another.
  • I used the Chorus from another song onto this one; I used the chord progression of the current song. I think that there is potential here, but they still seem more like sutured together than wedded together. I am aware of this, and would work on it for the Challenge had I more time.
  • I also note that when importing sections of another song; I also imported the lyrics from the second song, which changes, I think the meaning of the first.
  • Thanks Emma – Lee for this Challenge


A Million Memories
Words & Music: Scott Anthony Andrews

Verse 1:
Bmin7                                               Cma9
I know that my love ain’t so simple then
Bmin7                                                           Cma9
And I know that my heart ain’t so easy when
Amin9           Bbma7             Amin9           Bbma7             Amin9           Bbma7
I only wanna be,                 only wanna be,                   only wanna be
Emin7b5                   Ebma7
With you, Only you

G         Gmin9
I can ask
Eb                   Bb/D              Eb
For a slap to snap me out of it
G         Gmin9
I can give
Eb                   Bb                   G7
My head a shake to see


You made a million memories, baby
Bbsus                  Ab
But I only needed one
You whispered a million nothings to me
Bbsus            Ab
But I only needed one

Verse 2
I know that my love don’t let go when
I overstay your affections then
I only wanna be, only wanna be
Only wanna be
With you
Only you

Verse 3
But I know that my love is true when
I learn to love you without using you then
‘Cuz I only want you to be, only want you to be
Only want you to be
Without me