BreakOut…& relax

Mr. Peter Champagne, Artistic Director of the Regina Jazz Festival, called me yesterday and invited me to gig on Friday Oct 14 at 8pm at 20Ten City Eatery (2010 12 Ave, Regina). The 20Ten is a superb up-scale restaurant with quite an innovative menu; there is free valet parking. Together , McCallum Towers I and II make the famous V in the Regina skyline; the 20Ten Eatery is just steps away in the new McCallum Towers III (actually named, the Mosaic Tower at Hill Centre III). In summer, we played on the rooftop, on the 24th story, truly dining under the stars!

I will be joined by my usual partner-in-crime, Mr Carter Powley, on his saxophone and flute. Carter is not only an excellent player, he also holds a degree in musical composition and performance. We will perform songs from my latest CD, “Courage Walks with Us,” as well as jazz standards (perhaps even a song or two from my upcoming album). CheckOut Carter as part of the Scott Anthony Andrews Quartet performing “Down Deep, Deep in My Soul”

There are many wonderful musicians to hear this week around town, and if you have opportunity to hear Carter and I, come by and say hello…. have a drink or two, some appetizers or a meal….

Relaxing Friday evening music….we perform until 10….
BreakOut West is all around us! Music is in the cool Regina air…
Sincere thanks to the Regina Jazz Society and 20Ten City Eatery