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What Does Weather have to do with Autism?

Recently, Kelley Jo and I shared excerpts from “Ducks on the Moon: A Parent Meet Autism…A Play with Music.” We performed about half of it on a lovely Thanksgiving evening. We participated in a salon with wonderful poetry readings by

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The Real-Life Couple behind the song “Our Story Began in These Seats”

On my new CD, “Don’t’ Do Lazy Like That” I wrote a duet, “Our Story Began in These Seats,” which chronicles the real-life romance of Shawn and Twyla. I was fortunate to record this song with the incomparable Belle Plaine.

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Triple S: A Smooth Singer-Songwriter

New Cd I Don’t Do Lazy Like That coming very soon…..which is Story ♪ Lyrics ♫ Jazz Chord Palette ♪ Intimate ♫ Rhythmic ♪ Thoughtful ♫ Swing ♪ Reflective My new CD, I Don’t Do Lazy Like That, is about to drop…Great

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Canada Sound 150: A Parade of Street Sweepers

Canada Sound 150 is a very interesting project sponsored by CBC. The idea is that Canadians submit actual sound snippets to the Canada Sound site  to inspire/challenge songwriters to use these audio clips as the basis for a song.  The

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Regina Songwriters’ Circle: More than a Circle of 5ths

Creative City Centre June 15 2017 I am filled with both pride and gratitude. Wanda Gronhovd and I, co-coordinators of the Regina Chapter of the Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC), are preparing for our group’s first showcase on June 15

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Songwriters Go Underground

What an awesome evening of Saskatoon Songwriters at the Underground Café. And what a venue! The Café is everything a coffee house and performance space should be—cosy, casual, art-filled—you know, “cultured” in the best sense of that word. The grilled

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Music is alive and well in the West!

What a joy, what a pleasure! It is a coolish but glorious Sunday morning.  I lazily got out of bed, had my morning Starbucks, and now I’m on my second cup of coffee. So, I ease down in the boldness

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Wisdom is Waitin’ on Me: Five Myths of Being Wise

A track from my forthcoming CD “I Don’t Do Lazy Like That” April Fools’ Day strikes me as an appropriate time to talk about wisdom. There is wisdom in balance—the balance between the thoughtful and frivolous, between the serious and

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My New CD…Final Phases: According to the Accordion

As I write this, I am listening some of the rough mixes for my next CD, I Don’t Do Lazy Like That. This phase is exciting; it also seems a bit daunting. I have been working on this CD for

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International Songwriting “Collab”

Currently, I am part of an international, online songwriting “collab”. I am getting into the lingo of all the cool singer-songwriters—not that I make any claim to being so, just that I am confronted with songwriting vernacular more and more.

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