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My New CD…Final Phases: According to the Accordion

As I write this, I am listening some of the rough mixes for my next CD, I Don’t Do Lazy Like That. This phase is exciting; it also seems a bit daunting. I have been working on this CD for

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International Songwriting “Collab”

Currently, I am part of an international, online songwriting “collab”. I am getting into the lingo of all the cool singer-songwriters—not that I make any claim to being so, just that I am confronted with songwriting vernacular more and more.

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Game of Clue

Quack Song 2 The second song I’m working on for Sing Duck Sing, I am tentatively calling Game of Clue. Some parents who have children with Autism Spectrum Disorder report that—in retrospect—there were signs along the way. I guess this

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Guess I Missed Those Cumulonimbus Clouds

Quack Song 1 Wendy the Weather Girl (Guess I Missed Those Cumulonimbus Clouds) OK. I have my Song Plot for the musical I am co-writing with Burke, Sing Ducks Sing, an adaptation of her one-person play “Ducks on the Moon”

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My First Quack at It

An Initial Song Plot: Sing Ducks Sing I re-read Burke’s play, Ducks on the Moon (2010) last night; I will likely continue to do so, as I continue to work on our Art-Based Educational Research project. Ducks is a one-woman

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A Quacking Song Plot

Sing Ducks Sing: Quacker-Three Welcome friends to my online blog about my Arts-Based Educational Research (ABER) project, where I am adapting Burke’s play, Ducks on the Moon (2010) into a musical. Some may call this ABER project quackery, but I

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A Musical Needs to Quack Like One

Sing Ducks Sing: Quack 2 So, I began with a great idea of conducting Arts-Based Educational Research (ABER) by adapting Burke’s play, Ducks on the Moon (2010) into a musical. What I find daunting is that arts-based research is ARTS-based,

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Sing Ducks Sing!

As a singer-songwriter, I am always looking for new and interesting projects.  As an educational researcher, I am always looking for new an interesting projects. It had never occurred to me to bring those worlds together. But, I have recently

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Ladies and Gentlemen, George Michael…Let Us Say Goodbye Before You Go-Go

Ladies and Gentlemen, George Michael…Let Us Say Goodbye Before You Go-Go by Scott Anthony Andrews There are songs that every songwriter wishes they had written. There are singers that every vocalist wishes they could sound like. There are singer-songwriters that

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This is Your Brain on Songwriting

Lessons Learned from Levitin’s “This is your brain on music: The science of a human obsession” by Scott Anthony Andrews I will admit it. I am late to the party, once again. I just read Levitin’s (2006) “This is your

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